The Advantages of Text Alerts by TTHM

The advantage of using TTHM Text Alerts is that we are a full-service vendor with a wealth of experience in setting up and executing large-scale text campaigns.  Read on and watch our video below to learn more, then Contact Us to discuss your specific outreach needs.


  • Text Alerts are TCPA-compliant mass-texting that does not require an opt-in from message recipients.
  • TTHM has the most experience of any vendor sending large-scale peer-to-peer Text Alerts.
  • We are a full-service provider, managing replies for 24hrs after the Initial Text send.
  • Can provide Text Alert scripting assistance based on our experience to maximize your impact.


  • TTHM helps you avoid spam issues using the proprietary Tele-TownHall® Peer-to-Peer Texting System, and by employing an intelligent link-embed strategy that avoids filters.

  • TTHM Peer-to-Peer Texting can deliver messages many times faster than competitors. Our Text Alert staff is well-trained and highly experienced.
  • Clients switching to TTHM from other large-scale text vendors have relayed that support is “non-responsive” and “unreachable for hours”.
  • TTHM Text Alerts are a fraction of the cost of other text services, and we provide hands-on management of campaign setup as part of our full-service model.
  • Our Text Alert deployment interface is intuitive and user-friendly, meaning that our staff can send more texts per hour while also managing hundreds of replies.
  • We allow you to deploy campaigns of any size. Other vendors have limited individual campaigns to 10,000 mobile phones or less, meaning larger universes had to be divided into a series of 10,000 phone campaigns.
  • TTHM is a non-partisan communications company. All we care about is getting the job done right for every single client.