Understanding Audience Engagement and Sentiment During a Teletownhall

Visual Analytics drawn from Telephone Town Hall Meetings are perfect for the data-driven campaign of the future.  We give campaigns and associations the ability to listen to their audiences while conducting large-scale teletownhall events.

In a typical teletownhall the members of the audience ask questions and knowledgeable speakers answer them. The only thing missing from that experience is the crowds’ reaction to the questions and answers. That’s why Teletownhall formed a partnership with Buzzer & Bell and integrated their Engagement Analytics engine into the Teletownhall platform. This additional feature is now available for all Telephone Town Hall Meeting events.

Buzzer & Bell allows any conference participant to Press the 6 button on their phone to register a “Bell” – or positive sentiment – and a 9 button for a “Buzzer” – or negative sentiment.  This gives the average participant an opportunity to make their voice heard to the speaker even if they choose not to enter the live question queue. Comparing over 100 teletownhall events that used Buzzer & Bell with events that did not, we found a 32% increase in the amount of time participants spend on Buzzer & Bell-enabled events versus those without. Hence Buzzer & Bell is now available on all events.

The day after the event you receive a link to the Visual Analytics for the event. You can view all the standard statistics such as how many conference participants actually voted, how many reactions were submitted overall, and what the sentiment ratio was (Positive vs. Negative). The audio from each event is displayed in a Buzzer & Bell Visual Analytics Page as seen below so that you can track sentiment for any given moment during your Telephone Town Hall Meeting.

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