A focus group made affordable…

Think of Buzzer & Bell as a focus group made affordable by adding it to your live teletownhall event. Our analytics give you moment-to-moment reporting on how your messaging resonates with your audience.

Participants can ring a “Buzzer” when they don’t like something and ring a “Bell” when they agree with your message. All of this engagement is recorded so that you can analyze the general perspective of your target audience while netting individual sentiments on key issues.

Teletownhall events using Buzzer & Bell experience a 30% higher participation duration than teletownhalls without Buzzer & Bell. Hundreds of participants who choose to participate will average 7-10 reactions over a one hour Telephone Town Hall Meeting. That number of responses and respondents can be increased further by your TTHM moderator if you decide to make Buzzer & Bell a focal point of the event instead of just an added background feature.

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For details on how to integrate Buzzer & Bell into your live Telephone Town Hall Meetings please contact your TTHM representative or visit our Contact Page.