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At Telephone Town Hall Meeting we create a unique virtual forum that makes it easy for you to communicate with your target audience.  TTHM assists with event setup, manages the live production, and provides rich reporting.  Our suite of additional services expands the scope and impact of your outreach.

Key services included in our standard pricing:

  • Base Dialout: reach out to a targeted phone list (list purchasing available)
  • Complimentary Web Registration Page: generate a VIP dialing list of engaged mobile users
  • Real-Time Polling: gather broad feedback, run demographic polls, and tag participants for followup
  • Full TTHM Event Staff: we provide Experienced Moderators, Question Screeners & Data Collectors
  • Rich Reporting: participation charts, detailed stats, poll results, submitted questions, voicemails and a quality recording of the entire forum
  • In-Event Opt-In Collection: ask participants to opt-in for ongoing outreach via email, text, etc.

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Telephone Town Hall Meeting produces live virtual forums that connect clients with a target audience.  These Teletownhalls are produced over the phone and web, and allow participants to learn about featured content, engage in live Q&A, and vote in real-time polls.

Targeted participants are called with a recorded message explaining the purpose and format of the forum, then they join automatically.  TTHM works with clients to pre-register participants using a complimentary web registration page, and by texting opt-in requests to targeted mobile phones.  We can source dialing/texting data based on demographic, area of residence, etc.

Questions are submitted throughout the forum by live participants, with TTHM staff providing screening services while our moderator manages the live event.  Live Q&A is controlled by the TTHM moderator to ensure a productive forum, and to allow our clients’ featured speakers to focus on delivering quality content.  We encourage clients to provide a handful of written questions as well that can help focus the discussion on ideal topics.

Participants can be polled for preferences and opinions, or simply to tag listeners for followup.  Additional audiences can join the forum via our optional Web Simulcast and Spanish Simulcast.  These participants can also submit questions and vote in polls while listening.

Most events last for an hour, but TTHM can accommodate longer forums as well as outbound dials of hundreds of thousands of phones.  Contact us for a virtual demo of our basic service, and to discuss how our digital outreach toolbox can meet your communications needs.