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How we expand your mobile outreach opt-ins...

  • Custom Web Registration Pages
  • P2P SMS/MMS Text Alert Opt-In Requests
  • Opt-In Collection During Teletownhalls
  • Tagged by Polling During Teletownhalls
Web Registration
Customized Web Registration Pages

TTHM improves targeting for all of its teletownhalls by building complimentary web registration pages on request.  This service allows us to build a VIP opt-in list that is dialed first.  These opt-in participants tend to ask more questions during Q&A, vote more readily on polls, and engage long-term.

TTHM creates the page, then you link to it on your website, on social media, and in any emails you send to your target audience.  Your registration page can collect opt-ins for phone blasts, text alerts, teletownhall broadcasts, patch-through opportunities, or your e-newsletter.  We can add optional location, language preference, and demographic fields to your registration form as well.

Tell us about the unique data you need to collect!

Learn more about  Web Registration Pages

Text Alert Opt-Ins

Targeted SMS/MMS Text Outreach

Peer-to-Peer texting technology allows TTHM staff to send thousands of scripted text messages an hour to your target audience.  Those message recipients are encouraged to opt-in for your teletownhalls.  Those who respond ‘YES’ are added to a VIP dialing list along with Web Registrants.

Our team manages replies to the Initial Message using additional scripted response.  We help you draft ‘YES’, ‘NO’, ‘MORE INFO’ and ‘OPT-OUT’ replies that ensure your target audience is not left hanging.  Each of our operators can respond with a scripted reply, or customize a response to answer specific questions from text recipients.

Opt-Out requests are added to our internal Do Not Contact list and scrubbed from future outreach.  ‘MORE INFO’ replies can drive recipients to your website or support phone number.

Use Text Alerts to announce an upcoming event, encourage advocacy, promote opportunities, or to engage in ongoing communication.

Learn more about our Text Alerts

Teletownhall Opt-In Collection
TTHM Staff Mobile Opt-in Collection

Our collection staff can collect opt-ins from participants during each teletownhall.  The event moderator encourages participants to Press 7 to go to a live operator if they want to receive ongoing communications by text or email.

TTHM staff briefly connects with participants in the collection queue to verify their name and gather mobile phone and/or email opt-ins.  Participants who opt-in for ongoing mobile/email contact are logged and included in reporting.

Use our Text Alert service to deliver messages to your opt-in list or existing membership list.

Real-Time Polling Opt-Ins
Opt-Ins Using Our In-Event Polling Feature

Our teletownhall events are designed to generate a legacy of contact.

The real-time polling feature logs each participant response; meaning we can use polling to tag participants interested in ongoing communications.  A poll can ask respondents to opt-in for Text Alerts, or to simply express interest in an upcoming event or opportunity.

Any participants connected through a landline phone are encouraged to Press 7 to go to an operator to opt-in for regular text messaging.

Contact Us to discuss how to use any of our outreach tools to achieve specific communications goals.

Peer-to-Peer Texting to a mass audience...

  • Setup costs include sending the Initial Message and managing all replies.
  • Outbound basic SMS texts cost $0.15/each, with the majority of the total cost coming from sending the Initial Message.
  • TTHM Staff sends each message manually to ensure compliance.
  • Our team also manages each response for intelligent reply selection.
  • We also offer MMS sends that can include .jpg/.png /.gif images, an .mp3 audio clip, an .mp4 video/audio file, or a .txt file.

Peer-to-Peer SMS/MMS Texting by TTHM

P2P Texting we tens of thousands of text messages an hour to your target audience.

Gather Opt-Ins: events, advocacy opportunities, or ongoing communication.

Our Team manages additional scripted responses based on replies to the Initial Message.
Draft ‘YES’, ‘NO’, ‘MORE INFO’, ‘OPT-OUT’ and ‘CUSTOM’ replies.

Purchase Targeted Data to reach the mobile audience of your choice.
Response rates are higher than email, phone blasts and snail mail.

Use the ‘MORE INFO’ response to drive message recipients to your website.
Or link to a Web Registration Page to learn more about opting-in for events.

We add ‘OPT-OUTS’ to our internal Do Not Call list.
DNC numbers are automatically scrubbed from future outreach lists.