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Officials Update Residents After FIU Bridge Collapse
” ‘We ask all motorists to have patience,’ said FHP spokesman Joe Sanchez during a telephone town hall meeting in which about 4,000 people participated. Joining Sanchez on the conference call was FIU President Mark Rosenberg, Sweetwater Mayor Orlando Lopez and Sweetwater Police Chief Placido Diaz. During the virtual meeting, city officials took two polls.”

Town Hall Meeting with a Technological Twist
“Recently I had the opportunity to engage a community outreach technique that was fun, informative, concise, cost effective, profoundly effective and a bunch of other adjectives that I will spare you from for now.
So, everyone in the community was asking, ‘How’d you do that?’ ”

Mayor Gutierrez Hosts Telephone Town Hall
“Unlike a traditional town hall meeting, a Telephone Town Hall meeting allows residents to speak to the mayor without having to leave their homes. This is especially beneficial to those who work long hours, had prior commitments, or could not physically attend a town hall meeting. The Telephone Town Hall was broadcast simultaneously in English and Spanish.”

Listen: this week’s Telephone Town Hall on Measure M
“Don’t fear if you missed last night’s Telephone Town Hall on Metro’s sales tax ballot measure. There is another next Wednesday, Oct. 19, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Thirty thousand registered voters will be called, at random, through an automated system and invited to participate in the telephone forum. Those who choose to participate can hear about Measure M, Metro’s long range transportation plan, local bus and rail service, and other projects underway.”


Village of Palmetto Bay

“Another FANTASTIC TTHM with Ian and the team in Denver. Kudos from South Florida!”
What’s going on Moreno Valley schools? Tuesday’s phone ‘town hall’ will explain
“Parents of students enrolled in the district will automatically get a telephone call at 6 p.m. for the hour-long discussion. The district regularly stages such forums, with one in fall and the other in spring. Kedziora will talk about construction projects at Moreno Valley Unified School District campuses, plans for a new high school and different academic options for students.”

About the City of Fort Lauderdale’s Telephone Town Hall Meetings
“For the fourth year in a row, the City of Fort Lauderdale hosted a series of five Telephone Town Hall Meetings throughout 2015.  Each Telephone Town Hall Meeting allows the City to engage our neighbors and provided a free and convenient forum for them to share their ideas and comments with us over the phone.  The Telephone Town Hall Meetings enhance public access to City government by giving neighbors an opportunity to participate on each call and speak directly to the Mayor or a City Commissioner about a variety of issues.”

FCC to Congress: Your tele-town halls are safe
“The agency issued a set of FAQs on Friday clarifying that nothing in a recent FCC ruling to strengthen robocall restrictions will change how lawmakers are allowed to reach out to constituents through virtual town halls.”

Informal poll from Colorado Springs Utilities offers insight into ratepayer priorities
“The poll questions were part of a town hall meeting regarding Drake, which was held by phone Wednesday evening. Drake is scheduled to be decommissioned by 2035, but Utilities’ board of directors, which consists of the City Council, is investigating whether it could be closed as much as a decade sooner.”


Blue Ridge Electric

“Thank you for everything! And please let everyone know how glad we are we did this, how pleased we all were (especially our CEO and C team!) Looking forward to our next one!”
Digital, Virtual, In-Person: Creative Approaches to Engage Utility Customers
“With the evolution of new technologies, it is crucial for utilities to understand the customer base to meet their expectations in this new environment and deliver enhanced value for customers and utilities.”

County hosts telephone town-hall meetings
“Talk to your county commissioner and elected official, share your ideas, ask questions and give Arapahoe County your feedback by participating in the county’s telephone town-hall meetings.”

Maloney to Hold Telephone Town Hall Meeting on Heroin, Opioid Epidemic
“I look forward to hearing from thousands of my neighbors about ways we can protect our children and make smart and strategic investments to get drugs off our streets, focus on prevention, and treat those who are struggling with addiction.”


City of Dallas

Watch as the the city promotes their annual Telephone Town Hall Meeting series reviewing the proposed municipal budget.
Treasurer Takes Pride in Being Accessible
“In a June 8 article, the Dayton Daily News asked if telephone town hall meetings hosted by my office are a public service or campaign activity. The answer is simple: They’re a public service, grounded in the belief that government works best when elected leaders are listening to the people.”

The City of Palm Bay commits to keeping in contact with its citizens
“Open communication is the key to all great relationships,” said Mayor John Mazziotti. “This offers our citizens an easy way to access their government and helps us, as elected leaders, learn more about their wants and needs.”

Frisco gets 2,500 to town hall meeting — by phone
“We’re trying to figure out unorthodox ways to reach out to those that aren’t involved,” Mayor Maher Maso said. In a city of 120,000, “it’s important for them to know what’s happening.”


Logan County Electric Coop

“That is just well done. You guys have a great grasp of how to run these meetings and I appreciate your flexibility during the meeting. Helped us meet our goals for this TTHM. Thank you!”
MP Answers Questions in Telephone Town Hall Meeting
Immediately after the Town Hall Clement told The Moose he was happy with the amount of people who took time out of their evening to participate.   He also said he was “impressed” with the quality of the questions.

Registration Available For Upcoming Gainesville Telephone Town Hall
“As the commissioners prepare for their annual spring budget workshops, they are asking citizens to offer their opinions on the variety and quality of the programs and services in Gainesville.”

Tories dial up ‘telephone townhall’ in Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon
“It’s a great way to get in touch with constituents,” said candidate Mark Strahl, “and it has the potential to bring together residents in all parts of the riding.”



Moreno Valley Unified School District

“Very pleased. We want to do this again on a regular basis. Thank you!”
‘Telephone town hall’ a ringing success in Gloucester Twp.
“I just think it was really productive. I think as our residents become more used to this type of process, we’re going to see greater participation, so I definitely think this worked well and we’ll do it again in the future.”

Longmont telephone town hall attracts 2,000-plus residents
“I was absolutely impressed,” said Sandi Seader, assistant to the city manager.

Seader said that using a list of land-line and mobile-telephone numbers that Longmont residents have provided with their city utility-billing account information, Telephone TownHall placed calls to 32,988 households Thursday night.

Virtual Town Hall on Debt Ceiling Negotiations
“Hopefully we’ll be able to formulate a plan,” (Congresswoman Karen Bass) said. “Economic times are difficult right now but hopefully this can help the city make difficult decisions.”

Town hall meeting without leaving your home
“It’s a great way to reach out,” Armstrong said. “This is new technology. It is something political parties and politicians are trying across North America.”