TTHM Additional Features


Add depth to your outreach by choosing from our à la carte options…


Web Registration Page

We build you a customizable e-registration page then provide a link for you to distribute via email, social media, and on your website. Additionally, we can provide embed code that allows you to add the form to your website.  TTHM will add web registrants as a prioritized VIP dialing list for your teletownhalls.

Your registration page can optionally collect emails, mobile phones, mailing addresses or demographic information as well.  You can also use this registration page to promote any of your other upcoming events. This service is complimentary for clients scheduling Teletownhalls through TTHM.

Web Simulcast

Use a Web Simulcast to broadcast your Telephone Town Hall Meeting live online. Online participants can take part in polls and submit questions through a web-based control panel.

Combine web simulcasting with aggressive social network marketing of your multi-platform town hall event. We can also play video, audio and powerpoint presentations for your virtual town hall audience.

Spanish Simulcast

Telephone Town Hall Meeting boasts a complete bilingual event staff. We can give your participants the option to listen to a live Spanish translation of your event, and they can still submit questions and vote in polls.

Our experienced Spanish-speaking staff can also produce teletownhalls entirely in Spanish. Contact Us to talk about all of your options for reaching out with language preference in mind.

Email/Cell Collection

This is a free service offered upon request. We are happy to have our staff collect opt-in email addresses for your e-newsletter, event alerts or emergency updates.

We can also collect mobile contact opt-ins, credit card donations, and any additional information you may be seeking from your audience.

Mobile Outreach

Try Peer-to-Peer Texting to mobile phones.  This service allows TTHM staff to send an initial text message plus scripted followup messages to targeted mobile phones.  Message recipients can opt-in for upcoming events, opt-out of future contact, ask for more information and be directed to a specific page on your website.

We frame our opt-in requests so that positive respondents can be added to your teletownhall dialouts into the future. Clients who use our Text Alerts to promote their Telephone Town Hall Meetings build an expanding list of mobile users that are called during a VIP dialout for each forum. These participants are self-selected so they submit more questions, vote in more polls, and stay on the line longer.

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Robocalls and Precalls

Precall phone blasts announcing your teletownhall event can increase participation – especially for membership and advocacy organizations.

We discount precalls associated with a scheduled Telephone Town Hall Meeting, but TTHM also offers robocall and IVR as stand-alone services at low cost.

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Call Center Connect

Connect to a call center to collect donations or to sign participants up for specific programs or advocacy opportunities.

If you are planning a teletownhall larger than 100,000 dials or expect to collect more than 100 email addresses/mobile outreach opt-ins, our Call Center service can be added to ensure maximum email and cell contact opt-in collection.

Buzzer & Bell

Teletownhall events using Buzzer & Bell experience a 30% higher participation duration than teletownhalls without Buzzer & Bell. Hundreds of participants who choose to participate will average 7-10 reactions over a one hour Telephone Town Hall Meeting.

Interactive reporting lets you listen to the audio from your teletownhall and discover what your participants chose to “Buzz” with a negative reaction and which content was good enough for them to ring a “Bell”.

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Directly connect your teletownhall audience to the offices of targeted legislators or organizations.

Use this patchthrough feature during a live Telephone Town Hall Meeting to turn your audience into activists, or initiate a patchthrough by launching a targeted robocall encouraging recipients to take action.

Live Calls

TTHM provides live calls to a target audience to help you accomplish your specific outreach goals. We draw from extensive experience with marketing and advocacy campaigns to inform the script-writing process.

Expert staff dials your list by hand one number at a time and professionally handles each successful connection. Detailed reporting follows. Using this manual-dial service you can responsibly target mobile phone users without violating telecom autodial regulations.

Learn more about services provided by our strategic partners on our Resources page.