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Telephone TownHall Meeting’s experienced staff manages every aspect of your teletownhall to ensure a smooth forum…

A TTHM Co-Host dictates call flow, manages TTHM Screening & Collection staff, operates the web-based control platform, runs live polls, and introduces questions from the phone audience and from our optional Web Simulcast or Spanish Simulcast audiences.

This practiced moderation allows your featured speaker or panel of speakers to focus on creating a strong connection with the audience by giving informative answers in a controlled virtual environment.

Call Screeners manage incoming questions. Callers’ comments are dictated into a web-based control platform so that your staff can select the topics that best reflect the purpose of your Telephone Town Hall Meeting.

Dialogue with our screeners via Staff Chat to ask for clarification about participants and their questions before bringing those callers live.


Data Collectors gather opt-ins from participants for email or text updates. Participants are briefly taken from the live forum into a collection queue that allows us to gather opt-ins for your email or mobile phone outreach.

We can also collect donations or redirect participants to a call center of your choice. Let us know what data we can collect for you!

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